Wow! It's already October. The last few months have gone by pretty quick. But with October comes absolutely beautiful New Orleans weather, lots of frat and sorority parties, fall clothes, and HALLOWEEN. My favorite holiday after Mardi Gras and Christmas. I love Halloween. Why? Because it's an excuse to dress up in ridiculous clothes and drink excessively. And since the month leading up to Halloween is crammed with ridiculous costume parties, dress up days, and themed rides, the month of October should really be renamed Octoween. Upon my boyfriend's request I'm going to be prancing around as a nurse. I will definately be pulling my school uniform out of the closet.

There are two NolaCycle bike mapping rides this weekend.

Saturday October 4th, 4pm - Comiskey Park. Mapping Mid-City/Treme.

Sunday October 5th, 4pm - Park at Esplanade and Grand Rte St John. Mapping 7th Ward/Fairgrounds.

There's some sort of ride coming up this weekend, I read about it on NolaCycle. Crunkical Mass is what it's called, and it sounds like its going to be pretty rad. I'm going to try and go for sure. Any excuse to dress up and ride with people. And it's right after mapping, so everyone should go map and then ride over to the Crunkical deal. Heres the flyer, which I stole from NolaCycle, as usual.

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Caitlin said...

Hey kiddo. I see you have a blog.
So now I get to read about all your fun adventures. :D