I want this weather to last forever...

It has been absolutely beautiful out as of late. Its been sunny, but not too hot and then there's been a wonderful breeze. I've been going for rides almost every day this week. I rode up and down magazine on Monday and stopped by American Apparel and Buffalo Exchange to get some fun accessories. On Tuesday my friend Jason and I rode around in Audubon park and up around the Fly. We kept getting passed by old people, but I didn't mind at all because I was having so much fun. I love how cycling has brought me so many new friends who love to ride. The sense of
community that comes along with a bicycle is so inspiring.
Unfortunately I can't go on the bike mapping rides this weekend since I'll be out of town again, so here's the times and locations for this weekend's rides

Saturday September 27th, 4pm - Freret St. at McAlister Dr. Mapping Freret and Uptown.

Sunday September 28th, 4pm - Freret St. at McAlister Dr. Mapping Broadmoor.



I only had one class today. I wanted to go for a ride since its been so sunny and nice out lately. But of course on the day that I want to go out, it's raining. Boo rain. I don't like you at all. So guess what I'm going for a ride anyways! No longer will you prevent me from enjoying my day. I'm gonna put on my rain boots and go.

I found this picture on my computer a while ago, it's my family on our tandem-tandem trail a bike monster that my father would pull us all around on.

I have no idea who that kid with training wheels is, but I'm in the red shirt. That thing was very difficult to turn, but it was fun to ride on the back and put my feet up and let dad do all the work. My little sister would wobble back and forth which would generally upset the balance and my mother. Good times... My dad wants to sell that thing, but I want to keep it.


Maps and Alleycats

Sunday's mapping was awesome! Me and my buddy JohnHenry went as a team and made quick work of the area around Langenstiens. Lauren is going back to her school, which is a total bummer since I only just met her. But she'll be back for more fun soon. I can't wait to do more mapping, I love meeting other cyclists. Here's the map so far, I pulled it from nolacycle. The blue bits are finished. It's looking pretty good.

One of the guys I met at the mapping is going to help me start a cycling club at Loyola, which would be so rad I would'nt know what to do with myself. I also convinced one of my good friends to flip his hub and ride fixie with me. Now I just have to work on getting my boyfriend a bike. Won't be too hard.

Also, there's an alleycat coming up this weekend!! Here's the flyer:
I won't be in town for it so I'm pretty bummed. A Wonderland theme sounds so awesome! But I'm going to be sailing in Mobile with The Boy. I wonder if he'll let me bring my bike...


Uptown Mapping

Today's mapping was an exciting adventure! The turnout was not very big, just me and another girl, but we still had loads of fun mapping between Nashville and Audubon Park. I'm going to go again tomorrow... hopefully more people will be there.


It's, like, 3:30 in the morning.

My plans to go for a ride today were thwarted by Hurricane Ike. I woke up and saw that it was storming like crazy outside so I decided to stay in and sit around instead, which I regret terribly. Honestly how often do you get to ride in a hurricane? At least I went to Michaels Bicycles down on Frenchman to have my new stem put on.

Can't wait to go map uptown this afternoon.

Also Clif Mojo bars are amazing and are keeping me alive right now. Peanut Butter Pretzel. Go try it. It's good.


First Post!?

This is my blog about riding and living in New Orleans. I go to Loyola University and after a summer of working at my local bike shop back home in Sacramento I got myself a little Pake fixie and started dodging potholes as soon as I came back for fall semester. I love this city and one of the best ways to take it all in is by bike.

I want to start posting pictures from my adventures in the city, but I dropped my camera in a river over the summer and I need to aquire some dollars before I can replace it.

In other news NolaCycle bike map project will be mapping it up in uptown this weekend. Here's the flyer. All the cool kids are going, and I'll be there so try and come!