Another bead bike!

This Phat cruiser with beads all over the ape hangers made my morning.


Diy mardi gras basket rad-ness

Found on Loyola's campus last week, I think this is an awesome idea! I'm working on a bead/bottle cap table right now and I made a lamp shade last month. My sister's bike basket better watch out!


Yay spring!

It's so beautiful out! I finally busted out my Basil saddle bag that I got for my birthday. My feet keep knocking into it though, so I need to figure out how to remedy that...


JC Penney's Ad

I just saw this ad on TV, it's so cute! I love seeing cycle chic in the mainstream.


Yay spring!

I'm embarrassed that I haven't updated this in such a long time. The last few months have been very busy between the opera, the super bowl, Mardi Gras, and then midterms. I finally feel like there's a lull of sorts in all the craziness. I'm trying to sell my Raleigh, I've decided that I really don't need 3 bikes here, also it's just too tall for me. This great weather has made me so cheerful! I love riding in Audubon park. I can't wait for school to be over so I have more time to ride.


Camera T_T

My poor little camera is broken! A bit of it went missing, most likely when my nephew was playing with it... I thought those Olympus waterproof cameras were supposed to withstand any beating!! I'm sending it in to them to get repaired and hopefully they fix it quickly! There are so many more people riding bikes around the university area and I want to take pictures of everyone! I really want to show the world how NOLA is a cycle chic city! There's a lot more single-speeds and fixies here too! It makes me soooo very very happy.

On a west coast note, I recently discovered Sacramento Cycle Chic! I am wholly saddened that I hadn't discovered this earlier, because I was in Sacramento all summer working at City Bicycle Works. We had 5 girls including myself working there! Lots of customers were surprised to find us working in the shop. Oh summer how I miss you! I'll have a post at some other time about all that. Hopefully I'll be working at CBW for a few weeks during my Christmas break!


Hello! Long time no post...

Fall is here! Yay! It's time for my favorite kinds of clothes. I just love getting all bundled up with scarves, gloves and cozy boots! Coats are really my number one favorite thing about Fall and Winter, especially wearing fun little dresses underneath! I have a new favorite website for buying everything adorable. Modcloth.com is full of wonderful surprises! They have the most precious clothes and accessories.

Fall in interesting here in New Orleans, The weather doesn't seem to know what it wants to do, and of course there's a tropical storm here or there. We've been having lovely riding weather lately though. I rode to the park the other day to see the giraffes. Which ended in my falling on St.Charles avenue, because I forgot to distribute the weight in my rear baskets. So I had a slo-mo pathetic scrape with the road.

I'm thinking about selling my Raleigh... It's just too too tall for me. I'll post pictures of it soon, once the weather clears up.