Gallery Piece

Last night I journeyed to the Howlin' Wolf to see the legendarily fabulous band of Montreal. Please do give them a listen or two if you haven't yet. Their music is quite magical.
We arrived at the venue at about 8:40 considering that the ticket said 9:00 on it, so we assumed that that meant that the show would start at that time. Turns out my normally solid logic is very much incorrect, as we waited in a line that did not move for the better part of an hour. Once we stepped and assumed a position near the sound equipment modules we stood around for another eternity until the opening band, the Icy Demons from Chicago came out to play. I'm still not sure how I felt about their music. I like a lot of the things they did, but I felt like they didn't quite have everything together.
They finished their set and suddenly everything became so much more crowded. I've never been one to suffer from claustrophobia, but I was starting to feel rather squished. Also I made the mistake of wearing my brand new boots from Target which I have not broken in properly.
I loved all the people who came dressed up who came all dressed up or with face paint. I always love when people are really excited about shows.
of Montreal came onto the stage pretty close to 12 if I remember correctly. I could be lying. They were awesome. So titillating and wonderful. My night was magical and filled with centaurs and Kevin Barnes' beautiful body prancing about.
There was a guy in front of me who seemed to be on a mission to irritate me. He had long hair in a low ponytail, and was standing way inside my personal envelope. Every time I tried to move around I would bump him somehow and he would whip his head around, hitting me with his lady-hair and give me a stink eye. This continued for most of the show, even after he began dancing around, backing up into me even more. So I spent a while sandwiched between my boyfriend and lady man. I decided to do something about it so I began counter-dancing. Which is usually very successful in making people move away from you when your are in a crowded venue.
The show ended at around 1:30 or 2am, and my boy and I were so far past our bedtimes that we became quite crabby.
I am very sleepy right now, but there's still an hour to go with my shift.


Adam's Whip

This is my buddy Adam's ride. Its a Nishiki with a purple chain, and I'm super jealous of it.

I got home from NATS last night. I ended up going throught to the finals and I placed fourth in the sophomore women's division. My prize was a hefty check for $15.00, a certificate, and something nice to put on my resume. My comment sheets from the first round said that I have a "creamy sound". I really like the ring of it.


Late Halloween Post

So I know it's not Halloween anymore but it was fabulous. I started off the night by falling off my bike like a fool. I accidentally hit my front brake and did a superman over my handlebars onto State street. I scraped my elbow horribly and bruised myself a bit, but the saddest thing was that I ruined my nurse costume. It was so so sad. Luckily my friends decided to pour fake blood on me and I felt so much better. We rode to Jackson Square and did the mass. It was my first one ever, and I'm so glad because everyone being in costume, and everything being so busy in the Quarter made it a great first time. 
This last week has been so eventful, what with elections and all. I'm so glad Obama won. I knew he would. I am very depressed about prop 8 being passed back home. I don't even want to get into it. It wouldn't be very productive for me to do that here.
I am currently in Natchitoches, Louisiana for NATS, which is a singing competition. We had the prelims this morning. I forgot some of my words, but I finished strong and I think I did alright. Hopefully I get to go to the second round.