Ring Ring

Ughblah. I was late for Nightwatch. I hate doing that. I take a nap before my shift, and my alarm didn't go off, and when my phone started ringing I thought it was the alarm... and oh well. Now I'm here and that's what counts. I have a West Civ quiz tomorrow which I haven't studied for yet.

With every day that passes I realize how awful not having a camera is. There are so many people riding in New Orleans, and I want to take pictures of them and put them here. I'm going to borrow one of my friends' cameras.

I also lost my cell phone last week. I've gotten a new one already, but it is very stressful not knowing who is calling me. Especially when it is someone like my boss or my voice teacher. I only have about ten peoples' numbers in my phone now. I was thinking about making one of those irritating Facebook "I lost my phone OMGOMG" groups but I think that that is far too silly and I always hate getting invited to those anyway. I'm sure that people whose numbers I'd rather not have would join it too. So now I can be selective in re-collecting people's phone numbers. It is somewhat refreshing not to have a whole bunch of people in your contacts list.

Other than that, I'm quite overjoyed really. The boy and I have been riding to all sorts of places. Tonight he was riding around holding his trumpet case in one hand.

I can't wait to get to sleep.

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