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Last night I journeyed to the Howlin' Wolf to see the legendarily fabulous band of Montreal. Please do give them a listen or two if you haven't yet. Their music is quite magical.
We arrived at the venue at about 8:40 considering that the ticket said 9:00 on it, so we assumed that that meant that the show would start at that time. Turns out my normally solid logic is very much incorrect, as we waited in a line that did not move for the better part of an hour. Once we stepped and assumed a position near the sound equipment modules we stood around for another eternity until the opening band, the Icy Demons from Chicago came out to play. I'm still not sure how I felt about their music. I like a lot of the things they did, but I felt like they didn't quite have everything together.
They finished their set and suddenly everything became so much more crowded. I've never been one to suffer from claustrophobia, but I was starting to feel rather squished. Also I made the mistake of wearing my brand new boots from Target which I have not broken in properly.
I loved all the people who came dressed up who came all dressed up or with face paint. I always love when people are really excited about shows.
of Montreal came onto the stage pretty close to 12 if I remember correctly. I could be lying. They were awesome. So titillating and wonderful. My night was magical and filled with centaurs and Kevin Barnes' beautiful body prancing about.
There was a guy in front of me who seemed to be on a mission to irritate me. He had long hair in a low ponytail, and was standing way inside my personal envelope. Every time I tried to move around I would bump him somehow and he would whip his head around, hitting me with his lady-hair and give me a stink eye. This continued for most of the show, even after he began dancing around, backing up into me even more. So I spent a while sandwiched between my boyfriend and lady man. I decided to do something about it so I began counter-dancing. Which is usually very successful in making people move away from you when your are in a crowded venue.
The show ended at around 1:30 or 2am, and my boy and I were so far past our bedtimes that we became quite crabby.
I am very sleepy right now, but there's still an hour to go with my shift.

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