Late Halloween Post

So I know it's not Halloween anymore but it was fabulous. I started off the night by falling off my bike like a fool. I accidentally hit my front brake and did a superman over my handlebars onto State street. I scraped my elbow horribly and bruised myself a bit, but the saddest thing was that I ruined my nurse costume. It was so so sad. Luckily my friends decided to pour fake blood on me and I felt so much better. We rode to Jackson Square and did the mass. It was my first one ever, and I'm so glad because everyone being in costume, and everything being so busy in the Quarter made it a great first time. 
This last week has been so eventful, what with elections and all. I'm so glad Obama won. I knew he would. I am very depressed about prop 8 being passed back home. I don't even want to get into it. It wouldn't be very productive for me to do that here.
I am currently in Natchitoches, Louisiana for NATS, which is a singing competition. We had the prelims this morning. I forgot some of my words, but I finished strong and I think I did alright. Hopefully I get to go to the second round.

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