Giving thanks and getting presents.

I spent my first birthday/Thanksgiving away from my family this year. I went to a small town in Georgia an hour north of Tallahassee (I'm not sure what the name is) with the Boy and his parents and nephew. It was loads of fun, but I definitely missed having Thanksgiving at home. I missed having adobo, tinola, and lumpia along with normal Thanksgiving foods. It was really nice to spend time with Brian's family and bum around in Mobile and Georgia. His sister and I have the same birthday, so we got to have a fun little celebration. Brian still hasn't taken me to get my present. I definately wont let him forget before I have to go home. My parents got me a new camera for my birthday! It's an Olympus Stylus 1030 SW. I love it. I already knew I would, since it's pretty much the same camera I had before, but there's just something so much more awesome when its brand new and shiny. I haven't had a chance to take pictures just yet. Tomorrow is pretty promising. This weekend couldn't have come sooner. School is getting so so super busy since it's finals time now. I've already had two of them and I'm a lot less stressed out about it than I normally am. Then winter break is coming up next week and I'll be able to go home. Which means skiing and snowboarding, and hopefully working at the shop.
This morning I got another flat tire, which made me very very sad. These crappy crappy roads are not being very nice to me.

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