Maps and Alleycats

Sunday's mapping was awesome! Me and my buddy JohnHenry went as a team and made quick work of the area around Langenstiens. Lauren is going back to her school, which is a total bummer since I only just met her. But she'll be back for more fun soon. I can't wait to do more mapping, I love meeting other cyclists. Here's the map so far, I pulled it from nolacycle. The blue bits are finished. It's looking pretty good.

One of the guys I met at the mapping is going to help me start a cycling club at Loyola, which would be so rad I would'nt know what to do with myself. I also convinced one of my good friends to flip his hub and ride fixie with me. Now I just have to work on getting my boyfriend a bike. Won't be too hard.

Also, there's an alleycat coming up this weekend!! Here's the flyer:
I won't be in town for it so I'm pretty bummed. A Wonderland theme sounds so awesome! But I'm going to be sailing in Mobile with The Boy. I wonder if he'll let me bring my bike...

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