I only had one class today. I wanted to go for a ride since its been so sunny and nice out lately. But of course on the day that I want to go out, it's raining. Boo rain. I don't like you at all. So guess what I'm going for a ride anyways! No longer will you prevent me from enjoying my day. I'm gonna put on my rain boots and go.

I found this picture on my computer a while ago, it's my family on our tandem-tandem trail a bike monster that my father would pull us all around on.

I have no idea who that kid with training wheels is, but I'm in the red shirt. That thing was very difficult to turn, but it was fun to ride on the back and put my feet up and let dad do all the work. My little sister would wobble back and forth which would generally upset the balance and my mother. Good times... My dad wants to sell that thing, but I want to keep it.

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