Hello! Long time no post...

Fall is here! Yay! It's time for my favorite kinds of clothes. I just love getting all bundled up with scarves, gloves and cozy boots! Coats are really my number one favorite thing about Fall and Winter, especially wearing fun little dresses underneath! I have a new favorite website for buying everything adorable. Modcloth.com is full of wonderful surprises! They have the most precious clothes and accessories.

Fall in interesting here in New Orleans, The weather doesn't seem to know what it wants to do, and of course there's a tropical storm here or there. We've been having lovely riding weather lately though. I rode to the park the other day to see the giraffes. Which ended in my falling on St.Charles avenue, because I forgot to distribute the weight in my rear baskets. So I had a slo-mo pathetic scrape with the road.

I'm thinking about selling my Raleigh... It's just too too tall for me. I'll post pictures of it soon, once the weather clears up.

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