Camera T_T

My poor little camera is broken! A bit of it went missing, most likely when my nephew was playing with it... I thought those Olympus waterproof cameras were supposed to withstand any beating!! I'm sending it in to them to get repaired and hopefully they fix it quickly! There are so many more people riding bikes around the university area and I want to take pictures of everyone! I really want to show the world how NOLA is a cycle chic city! There's a lot more single-speeds and fixies here too! It makes me soooo very very happy.

On a west coast note, I recently discovered Sacramento Cycle Chic! I am wholly saddened that I hadn't discovered this earlier, because I was in Sacramento all summer working at City Bicycle Works. We had 5 girls including myself working there! Lots of customers were surprised to find us working in the shop. Oh summer how I miss you! I'll have a post at some other time about all that. Hopefully I'll be working at CBW for a few weeks during my Christmas break!

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Anonymous said...

The Olympus waterproof point-and-shoot is what I have, and no, it is not able to withstand any beating. A month back or so I put the camera on the fridge while I took off my jacket and the strap got caught somewhere and it dropped to the ground. Nothing externally broken, but the flash no longer works.

I agree that it is quite irritating seeing people riding bikes but unable to take pictures of them...

On a little technical note... you may need to change either the background or the colour of your text in the sidebar as it is very difficult to see.